Welcome to Day Away Basel!

DAY AWAY has been active in Basel since the Fall of 2004.

Basel is a fascinating city – fully Swiss but influenced by all three of the countries that touch its borders. DAY AWAY women in Basel are equally diverse - active in homes, churches, businesses and numerous civic organizations.

We host two DAY AWAY Seminars each year, one in the spring and one in autumn. At a typical DAY AWAY seminar in Basel, you will be treated to a breakfast buffet prepared by your DAY AWAY hosts. 


In addition to the Seminars, we have some ongoing activities to bring women with similar interests together – such as a Walk and Talk and a Book Club.

Thank you for visiting the DAY AWAY Basel website. Perhaps we will meet when you visit one of our DAY AWAY seminars for women.

If you would like additional information about DAY AWAY Basel, please contact us. We would like to meet you and hope to see you at the next DAY AWAY seminar.


Directions to BASEL Breakfast Seminars

Quartierzentrum Bachletten
Bachlettenstrasse 12
4054 Basel

By Tram: Tram 1 or 8: Stop Zoo Bachletten
Please note that baby sitting services are not available in Basel.


Basel churches and Community - Churches in and around basel

Baptistengemeinde Basel
St. Johanns-Ring 122
4056 Basel
061 326 16 00

Crossroads International Church of Basel
English Speaking
Reinacherstrasse 129
4053 Basel
061 331 70 10

Basel Christian Fellowship
English Speaking
Missionsstr. 32
CH-4055 Basel
061 322 12 11

The Anglican Church in Basel
English Speaking
St Johanns Ring 92
4056 Basel
061 321 74 77

The Christian Community in and Around Basel

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) Basel
First Tuesday of each month
9:00 - 11:00 in Muttenz
Contact Annabell Buergi
Tel 061 841 27 92

If you would like information about DAY AWAY BASEL events and seminars, please contact us using the form bellow. We would like to meet you and hope to see you at the next Day Away BASEL seminar.

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