Welcome to Day away St. Gallen!

We host two DAY AWAY Seminars each year, one in March and one in September. These events are held in the Migros Restaurant, Säntispark, Abtwil, which is easily accessible to women in the St. Gallen area. Our seminar participants enjoy a sumptuous breakfast in a light and cheerful locale. We also host a Christmas Carol sing-along in December.


Directions to St. Gallen Breakfast Seminars

Migros Restaurant, Säntispark
9030 Abtwil

Please note the venue DOES have wheelchair access.

By bus: Line 7 from SG main station, stop Säntispark
By car: Autobahn exit 80, St Gallen-Winkeln/Abtwil
Parking: Free parking ticket at registration!


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Our last seminar

61 Women enjoyed fellowship, a great breakfast and an inspirational talk on Seasons of a Woman’s Life by Dr. Elizabeth Domig at our spring breakfast seminar on 03.03.2018. Here is a summary of her talk: 

Challenges in Spring

  • I need to become self-reliant and independent from parents. Learn to take responsibility for my own life, and make decisions regarding job, location, partner, etc.
  • If my parents cannot let go, then I must learn to set healthy boundaries.
  • Where there is emotional enmeshment and negative bonds, I desire to make peace with the past in order to become free.
  • The end of spring means waking up to the realities of life and perhaps giving up some dreams. i.e Maybe I will never marry or have children. Can I accept my life as it is, and appreciate the good things about it?

Challenges in Summer

  • Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the demands put on me - in my job, with my kids, in my marriage, etc.
  • As a single mom, I find it hard to balance work with childrearing!
  • As a “stay at home mother” I sometimes feel cut off from the rest of society, and like I have lost a sense of who I am as a person.
  • The main challenge in summer is trying to achieve some sort of healthy balance between all my responsibilities, and the need to take care of myself. In order to successfully manage this phase, I must learn to set priorities, and to say NO (without having a guilty conscience).

Challenges in Fall

  • I realize that in this season of life, something new and different is now required of me.
  • I need to work on “letting go” – of my kids, my youthfulness, my achievements, etc.
  • As a wife, I am aware that this season can also be a time of crisis for a marriage, and that we need to address the issues that arise.
  • Autumn is the developmental phase where we are invited to review our lives and make revisions. Who am I right now? What changes do I want to make? 

Challenges in Winter

  • I want to discover what I still have to give and how I can contribute to society.
  • I need to learn to deal with the inevitable losses that accompany this phase of life.
  • I desire to remain positive and hopeful in spite of difficulties, and I want to resist the temptation to become bitter.
  • In the winter of our lives, we get one last chance to examine our lives and make decisions concerning what is most important to us. Hopefully we will not have to say what many people discover in their final days.

Information on up-coming events is displayed on this website approximately 45 days prior to the event. If you would like information about DAY AWAY St. Gallen events and seminars, please contact us

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English Church Services in and around the St. Gallen area

Stami Church: Winkelbachstrasse 7, 9000 St.Gallen www.stami.ch
Service in German with simultaneous English translation on Sundays at 09:30

Calvary Chapel: Schulstrasse 3, 9000 St.Gallen
www.calvarysanktgallen.org , info@calvarysanktgallen.com
Nondenominational service in English and German on Sundays at 10:00

All Souls Protestant Church: Oberer Graben 31, 9000 St.Gallen
www.allsouls.ch , williams@ref-sg.ch
English Worship Service / Table Talk Gathering on Sundays at 12:00

International Bible Fellowship: Churerstrasse 3, 9470 Buchs SG
www.ibf.church , info@ibf.church
English Service on Sundays at 17:00

English Bible Studies

Women’s Bible Study St.Gallen 
Location: Stami church
Date: every second Wednesday
Time: 19:15 – 21:15
Contact: elizabethfakhoury@yahoo.com 

Women’s Bible Study Weinfelden
Location: Weinfelden
Date: 1st and 3rd Tuesday
Time: 19:30 – 23:30
Contact: Mona 071 622 50 64

Women's Bible Study Rheintal
Location : Aegetenstrasse 14, 9443 Widnau
Date: every Tuesday
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Contact: Jodi Spieldiener jodi.spieldiener@gmail.com / 00423 232 8460

Bible Study Group Buchs, SG
Location: International Bible Fellowship Buchs
Date: every Thursday morning
Time: 9:00-11:00
Please see website for directions: www.ibf-buchs.org
Contact person: Jodi Spieldiener Tel. 00423 232 8460

Alpha Live Course  www.alphalive.ch
at the Stami church www.stami.ch
Tuesday, 24th October 2018 (8 weeks)